New Facebook Page Profile Settings You Need to Know Today

New Facebook Page Profile Settings You Need to Know Today

Facebook page settings update

Whilst visiting my facebook page, I found some few changes Facebook has made I think i should share with everyone especially admins and managers of Facebook pages.

Change is good especially if it is for a better system and we wouldn’t comment so much as to why Facebook recently changed the managed page settings. However we find these new changes totally confusing to the average Facebook user and a lot more people are upset with this latest update. The page setting changes Facebook have implemented include:

Page Profile Changes: The functionality of directly switching between your personal Facebook profile and managed pages profile has been taken removed. Although you could still load your managed pages from the drop down arrow at the right header, it does not directly change your profile to that of the managed page as you are already used to with the “log in and use Facebook as your Page” from your settings, it maintains the profile to your personal profile instead of the managed page

We therefore advise page admins and mangers to be very careful with their postings and sharing items on the pages they manage as they could be posting/sharing as a person instead of the page.

Feeds from other Pages: Feeds/posts of other pages being liked by your page no longer shows in your page timeline as a result of your inability to switch from your personal profile to the managed page profile unless.  You can still find these post by locating and clicking the “view Pages feed” link on the left pane below the search button after opening your managed page.

Liking other Pages as a Page: With the inability to directly switch to the page profile, you can’t also directly like another page as a page compared to previously. However you could still do by visiting the page you want to like, click on by the message tab, select “like as your page” , choose the managed page you are liking as and save.

If you believe some of these changes are too confusing and not good, visit the Facebook community help page and make your complain, they could just revert these changes.